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Thank You for Volunteering!

It's no secret that the Havelock Chili Festival is held every year through the hard work of dedicated volunteers.  We are always looking for motivated action oriented groups and individuals to help with numerous tasks associated with putting on such an amazing community event!

Donation Guidlines

Agency Information

To apply to receive a donation for your organization for volunteering for the Havelock Chili Festival, please carefully review the guidelines. 

Proposals must be submitted to Havelock Chili Festival Committee no later than 15 August 2017.

1. Provide the full name, physical mailing and email addresses along with the phone / fax number and contact person of the organization.

2. Provide a copy of your non-profit status acknowledgement letter from the IRS (first page only).

3. Provide the mission statement of your organization and a description including current programs, activities and accomplishments.

4. For the last fiscal year, provide the number of people served, the service you provide to them, information that is applicable to your donation request.

5. Please inform the Havelock Chili Festival of the AGE OF THE VOLUNTEERS and the number that will be available. 

Purpose of Donation

1. Provide a detailed account of the money you are requesting from the Havelock Chili Festival. Exactly how much do you need? What are the funds to be used for?

2. Provide the name, phone number and email address of a contact person for this donation request who can answer questions and provide any needed additional information. 

3. Provide a detailed account explaining how the monies will be used in the Havelock Community. If approved your representative must attend a mandatory Chili Festival orientation meeting with the date to be announced later.  Failure to attend will forfeit any donations from the Havelock Chili Festival. 

Please note: The distribution of funds is determined by the success of the Havelock Chili Festival and the number of non-profits requesting funds. It is further understood that the applicants will provide as many personnel as possible to help with the Havelock Chili Festival. 

Dates and Duties

  • The Havelock Chili Festival will be on October 20-21, 2017. 
  • Some of the areas that will require volunteer help are, but not limited to:   
    • Parking
    • Sale of sodas
    • Trash detail
    • Errands for Staff
    • Pictures taken of Festival Booths and visitors
    • Set up and tear down 
  • The Havelock Chili Festival Committee requests that applicants request only what money they need so that donations can be made to as many organizations as possible. There is no promise of a specific donation amount to any organization. Funds are distributed among volunteer organizations as fair as possible. 
  • Please e-mail additional sheets as necessary to complete your donation request. (E-mail to
  • Please ensure that all questions on the form are completed.  Incomplete applications will NOT be considered and the Havelock Chili Festival Committee will NOT contact you to request the information. 
  • If you are unsure of the required documentation, please contact the Havelock Chamber of Commerce office with your questions by calling (252) 447-1101 or email

Volunteer Organization Applications