What does it take to be a Chili or Wing Cook?

 The Chicken Wing competition will be on Friday night and the Red Chili competition on Saturday. 

 All awards will be presented on Saturday at 4:30 pm 

 Competitions Available:

Chicken Wing Friday Night No entry fee.  Competitors are provided with chicken wings. You are to supply any seasonings, sauces and YOUR COOKING METHOD SUPPLIES.    Winners of 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place will be determined by a Double Blind judging panel.   Further instructions will be forthcoming at the cooks meeting.   Peoples choice  will be determined by  public ballot between the hours of 5:00 pm and 9:00 pm. Paper products will be provided to the competitor. Your initial stock of wings and paper products will be passed out at the mandatory cooks meeting and festival volunteers will deliver a continuous supply to your site. Condiments are at the competitor's choice, it is optional.

Red Chili Saturday Entry is (5) gallons Red Chili.  Winners of 1st through 5th place will be determined by a Double Blind judging panel.  The winner of People’s Choice award will be decided by public ballots between the hours of 10:00 am to 3:00 pm. Bowls, spoons, and napkins will be provided.  Condiments are at the competitor's choice, they are optional. Reminder, in accordance with ICS rules, all chili served to the public must include beans. All competitors will participate in People’s Choice (PC) competition.

Red Chili Booth Appearance, Showmanship and Marketing Competition  Saturday Must be a Red Chili Competitor.  Tent space is 10’x20.’  Decorations cannot exceed 5' in front of designated space and must be constrained within the 10’ width. There is no limitation in height. No pyrotechnics allowed. Costumes, music and signs are encouraged. Handouts can be given from your booth. Please assist in our efforts to control litter. No live animals other than service animals are allowed. Competitors are only eligible to win in one category. A non-partisan committee who are NOT members of the Havelock Chili Festival or a participant will do judging. 

Cooks Timeline

Friday, October 18th  

9:00 AM   Booth set up begins

3:00 PM    Chicken Wings Mandatory cooks meeting at the supply trailer

5:00 PM Turn in Wings for Judging 

5:00 PM    Festival begins. Start serving Wings

9:00 PM      Festival ends for Friday

Saturday, October 19th   

9:00 AM    MANDATORY:  All Chili Head Cooks meet at Supply Trailer

9:00 AM    Start fires for Red Chili

10:00 AM  Start selling People’s Choice Red Chili 

Noon turn in Red Chili

4:30 PM    Awards Presentation

5:00 PM     Festival Ends